Finding a signage partner who can bring your brand to life takes more than creativity.
Our team of signage experts embraces challenges head on with a sense of ownership and grit.

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As a client-centric collaborator with skilled designers and fabricators, we customize each project to create a captivating visual language. This meticulously crafted narrative enhances your architectural vision and brand voice.


Equipped with our in-house crew and production facility, we oversee and execute all elements of every project from its inception to its fruition. This approach ensures that only the impeccable final products depart from our workspace, effectively addressing and overcoming customary hurdles.

Commitment to

Our savvy, crafty, and dependable team of industry specialists handles your production internally, promising rigorous attention to detail and flawless execution. In doing so, we aim to establish ourselves as your trusted ally for all your bespoke signage and visual branding initiatives.

Our Work

Our portfolio showcases an extensive range of unique projects, each testament to our ethos of creative innovation and excellence. From nuanced details to grand architectural enhancements, we invite you to explore and discover how Red Elephant elevates the ordinary to the extraordinary, consistently delivering visual experiences that echo your brand’s identity while exceeding expectations.

We’re Your Partner in Crafting Remarkable Signage

As a renowned provider of custom architectural signage, we master the intricacies of signage creation from concept to fruition. Our top-tier resources and proficient team not only enrich your architectural vision but also build enduring partnerships.

Innovative Design Advisory

We extend our seasoned design consulting to magnify your brand’s vision further, offering inventive, captivating, and premium signage solutions tailored to your needs.

Efficient Project Coordination

Our thorough project coordination ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience, effectively overcoming obstacles to cater to your unique signage demands.

Skilled Production

Utilizing our in-house team and cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, we meticulously construct each component of every project to assure top-of-the-line custom architectural signage.

Expert Installation

Our team of adept electricians guarantees accurate and swift signage installation, relieving you of concerns regarding proper setup. Your signage will be in the best hands, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Ready to Craft Your Vision?

Ready to transform your spaces into engaging environments that leave a lasting impression? Schedule a discovery call with us and embark on a journey of architectural excellence and bespoke creativity.
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Discovery Call

Begin your partnership with us by scheduling a discovery call, where we’ll discuss your unique needs, vision, and objectives. This step allows us to understand the scope of your project and offer initial guidance on possible solutions.
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Tailored Solution

Following our discovery call, our expert team will craft a customized proposal for your review and approval. This includes a detailed plan outlining our approach to your project, timeline estimates, and a clear cost breakdown.
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Start Making

With your approval, we seamlessly move into action. We manage every detail from design and fabrication to installation. Throughout this process, we maintain open communication, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Who We Serve

We believe that you deserve the best architectural signage partner. From design to ADA compliance, fabrication, project management, installation, and more, our team of experts will ensure that you have an amazing customer experience at every part of the process.

Multifamily / Apartments

We offer a unique blend of creativity, quality, and excellence in signage solutions, turning your multifamily housing units into engaging spaces that exude homely warmth and class. We bring your vision to life, whether large or small, with an unwavering commitment to excellence that's second to none.

Commercial Real Estate

As the industry's leading experts, we understand the nuances of commercial real estate. Our architectural signage enhances the value of your properties, creating lasting impressions and elevating experiences for clients and visitors alike. No matter the complexity, we’re big on quality and creativity to match your high standards.


Educational institutions are pillars of the community, and their signage should reflect that. We partner with schools, colleges, and universities to create engaging, inspiring spaces that enhance learning. Our custom solutions will meet your institution’s specific needs, from wayfinding signage to motivational wall graphics.

Government & Healthcare

We create bespoke architectural signage for the healthcare and government sectors, improving patient experiences and enhancing public spaces. Leveraging our deep understanding of sector-specific demands and compliance, we deliver high-quality, engaging signage through an effortless and seamless process from start to finish.

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We understand your desire to be a distinctive, memorable brand. You need high-quality, engaging architectural signage, but navigating the complexities can feel overwhelming. This process should be effortless. That’s why we’re here to simplify and deliver excellence. Start by scheduling a discovery call, get a customized proposal, and receive expert project execution. We can transform the overwhelming task of signage into an engaging brand experience.